Error from Octopus server (HTTP 404 NotFound)

We are using TeamCity and Octopus for our CI/CD.
We have done Octopus Server Migration activity in my company. Initially Octopus and TeamCity was on same server. Now we have moved our Octopus Server on another server. Now when I am doing CI/CD I am getting “[Error from Octopus server (HTTP 404 NotFound)]”. I have also tried with new “API Key” but still it is not working! Now my quesion is.

  1. Is it require to have TeamCity and Octopus on same server?
  2. What is the step that I am missing to run CI/CD?
  3. Do I have to change any config?

Please help me with this.

Hi @kmitra,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve just sent a response to the email you sent over, as we will need to review the build logs it will be best to continue this via email.


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