Environments tagging lost when creating new step

When creating new Steps in a Process, the initial selections in the Environments field are lost upon saving. I have to Edit the step and re-apply the Environments and then hit Save for them to be permanent.

Perhaps I’m doing things wrong?

Hi Brett,
What version of Octopus Deploy are you currently running. We had some issues with earlier builds of 3.0.x where some fields were not saving correctly however testing on latest 3.0.14 it looks to be currently working fine.

You are able to upgrade your server to the latest 3.0.x build (assuming you are already on >3.0) without having to re install on Tentacles which means you can easily keep getting the builds that have all the latest fixes.
Let me know if you have this problem after the upgrade (or if you are already on latest).
Thanks again,

Hi Rob,

I upgraded our server to the latest before trying it again and had the same problem. I cannot recall if it was only in “child” tasks or any task, but it definitely happened in sub-tasks (?child?) as we do rolling deployments.


From: Robert Erez tender2+db046297b2@tenderapp.com
Reply: Robert Erez tender2+db046297b2@tenderapp.com>

Hi Brett,
Thanks for getting back to be on this one. I have been able to reproduce the bug and it does indeed only seem to happen on child steps. I have created (GitHub issue #1913)[https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/1913] to track this bug but it should be pushed into a build later today and hopefully deployed by the afternoon in 3.0.15.
Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.