Environment variables result in double escaped characters

One of my web.config properties contains something along the following lines:


When I use the environment variables to modify this it escapes the ampersand so the value becomes this:


Lines in the post above should read as follows without the spaces:


Hi Jon,

What if you set the variable in Octopus to:


This way the variable could also be used by things other than web.config (e.g passed to PowerShell later)?


From: Jon Sadler
Sent: 13/11/2011 13:46
To: Paul Stovell
Subject: Environment variables result in double escaped characters [Problems]

I have tried that and it does work, it just seems a little counter-intuitive to my mind that I need to modify my pre-existing web.config value in this way.

Anyway, I have a work around. Thanks. :slight_smile: