Environment not available in Deploy dialog dropdown

I have two environments setup for a project, but for some reason, only one of those environments is available in the “To environment:” dropdown list on the “Deploy” dialog. One is a Test environment and the other is a Production environment. I can select Test as an environment for deployment, but not Production. Could this be due to the fact that each is a different “web site” in IIS on the same physical server? The same tentacle would support both environments. Is that a problem? Is there some way I can make both of these environments available for deployment for my project?

Hi Bob,

Can you share a screenshot of the Steps tab on your project configuration page? My guess is that your steps only map to machines in the Test environment, not the Production environment. Octopus figures that since you don’t have any steps destined for machines in Production, there’s no reason to show Production in the drop down.


Oohhh…you’re absolutely right. I’ve attached a screenshot, but I’m certain that’s exactly what the problem is. I’m still fairly new to Octopus and learning how everything needs to be configured. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Just wanted to confirm, that’s exactly what the problem was. As soon as I added a step and selected the production environment to deploy to, it was available in the Deploy dialog environment dropdown.

Thanks so much for the fast reply. LOVE Octopus!

Great, thanks for the update Bob. Best of luck!