Enforce certain steps within pipeline

Hello, we have a requirement that certain step(s) (manual or automation) must be present in pipeline. This is something that is driven by security team. Any idea how to achieve this? Obviously we can have the steps in pipeline but nothing is stopping the team of just disabling or removing the step entirely.

One way I imagine is to have external process that would pull project process via API calls and attempt to examine steps to confirm they exist. This however seem clunky.

For example, Jenkins has templating engine that I guess could accomplish this. Introducing the Jenkins Templating Engine!

Any idea how you go about this in Octopus?

Hi @kshatalov,

Thanks for getting in touch! I think the only way to achieve this type of setup would be via the API, but as you pointed out, it’s a bit clunky.

I think we made a conscious choice to manage all of this stuff through permissions, with the idea being that anyone with sufficient permissions to edit the deployment process for a given project is trusted to do so responsibly.

We do have this type of feature requested from time to time, and it’s not something our developers have entirely ruled out in the future.

Sorry for the bad news here.

If you have any questions or further thoughts at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,