Enable features in Step with API


I’m working with the API. Using the C# API i’m stuck when trying to enable a specific feature on a particular step.

I would like to activate “Octopus.Action.SubstituteInFiles”

Actually, i’m getting the steps as a deploymentprocess, loop and find my step.
loop on my step to find the right one and try to play with actions.

I’m able to add an action properties “Octopus.Action.SubstituteInFiles.TargetFiles” but not to enable the feature.

Can you help ?

Hi @zbenworld,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ll need to get some further information from you to better understand what could be going wrong here.

To start, would you be able to let me know what version of Octopus Deploy you’re working with?

Next, are you able to share the full C# script that you’re having trouble with? (Server/API-Key removed. :slight_smile: )

Finally, could you tell me what type of step you’re trying to edit? (The name if you were to add it as a new step, such as: Deploy a Package, Azure Script Step, Upgrade a Helm Chart, etc.)

Any further information on what you’re noticing go wrong, such as any errors or screenshots detailing the issue would help me try and recrate the issue and identify a resolution.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to the bottom of this.

Best regards,

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