Dynamically selecting different packages at deployment time per project

I am using Octopus cloud. I want to share a step template across multiple projects. This step template has a field for package reference. I will use package feed as build in octopus feed. But for Package ID I am passing a variable reference ‘#{PackageReference}’ which will get dynamic package name based on project. See attached image for details.

When I create a release, I am getting below error.

There was a problem with your request.

I referred to below article

but this is for common package for different environments and different feed per environment.

Please suggest how this can be done?

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When using dynamic packages it is often necessary to create an unscoped “default” variable value for the package ID in order for the Release to create successfully.
This is because the variables are only evaluated after a deployment begins, so, without the unscoped value, the Release isn’t able to locate any package and will present that error.


Thanks Works!

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