Dynamic Variables for Offline Deployments


As a product company we need to release a package that can be installed at any customer and any environment, consider it like an MSI, where variables are set during deployment. Examples are Virtual Directory, Application Pool Name, Installation Folder, etc.

This is approached with offline drops, but I can’t find a documentation of how to set the variables on the command line. So the question is how can I set variables overrides during the execution of the offline package drop.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently your options here are limited. We removed the ability to view or edit variables in an offline deployment to avoid leaking sensitive values. This makes it harder to manage more dynamic offline deployments like you are attempting, but gains us some extra security.

There is one possible “Workaround” which could help you here. If you use environment variables for the account running the Tentacle service, you can have Octopus try to evaluate them. For example:


This will return the username for the account running the Tentacle service based on your local environment variables. This means you can put your own variables in this way.

For example, I created the environment variable testvalue with a value of success. In Octopus I placed the following in my script: #{env:testvalue}

This should give you the ability to provide some variables dynamically during your offline deployment. The solution is not the neatest, but to improve the security of these style of deployments, some of the flexibility had to be sacrificed.

If you have any questions at all here, please let me know.

Best regards,

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back to me. All clear for me thanks!


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