Downloading the Helm package from chart museum failed with an authentication error

Hi Octopus team,

We are downloading the helm package from the chart museum as part of Kubernetes deployment. We are using the inbuilt Helm deployment step for this deployment.

Now it started to give us the following authentication error while we try to deploy the application.

But the helm package feed is authenticated and working when we test it from the external feed test page.

Similarly, it is showing the package in the process as well.

We are not sure why it is giving us the authentication error while running the build even then it is authenticated and listed the package in two other locations in Octopus. Could you please have a look?

cc: @basil.sunny

Arun S Raj


Please ignore it. We figured out the issue. There were some special characters in the chart museum login password. It was causing the issue. Still, it is storage that the authentication is working from the feed test page and not from the release.

Arun S Raj

Hey @arun.raj,

Thank you for contacting us about the helm feed authentication issue, I was just digging into the permissions you would need for the account you are using as it may have been you had read permissions on the account (which would work for searching the feed) but you may have needed write permissions for actually using the package itself.

It looks like your helm feed is self hosted though so I was unsure where to look next and had seen your new reply. Its great you got this working but yes, it is strange it worked on the feed search and not on the package acquisition.

The only thing I can think here is its similar to docker feeds from That is a public repository so in Octopus itself you can set it up as an external feed with no username or password and it will search for the packages and find them. However, on deployment Octopus will error out saying you now need a username/password for deployments:

That project by the way did allow me to search the docker feed itself on the step and found the octopusdeploy/tentacle package but I got that error on creating a release.

Since your feed is (I think) self hosted, I am unsure how this would work, it may be that you didnt actually need a username/password for your feed so it allowed you to run the test on the feed fine and would have allowed you to search for it even though the password was wrong.

But during a release creation or deployment since you may have not needed to create a release, you got an authentication error because you then needed the username/password and it was incorrect.

Octopus has the DockerHub error because we are aware of it as it is a huge online repository so we were able to write that error message in but for self hosted feeds we cannot as we do not know what kinds of permissions you set on those feeds.

This is not an official answer as we have not come across this before but it would make sense if a docker feed would behave in a similar manner to a helm feed and this would be my educated guess as to why this happened.

Hopefully that makes sense, thank you for letting us know you got this working and reach out if you need us in future!

Kind Regards and Happy Deployments,

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