Download nuget packages from powershell scripts


We need to download nuget packages from our package feed within a powershell script (“run a script” step) in a Octopus project.
After that we need to copy the package files into a custom directory.
What is the simplest way to do this?
We can access nuget.exe on tentacles? We need to downloaded from feed and after that to unzip them?

We don’t use “Deploy a nuget package” step with custom directory output because we run multiple processes on a tentacle simultaneously and we think that this step have some concurrent access issues. I have another topic opened on this at

Thank you,
Andrei Scutariu

Hi Andrei,

Dalmiro here again. If you are using the Octopus built-in feed to host your packages, do know that it is write-only, meaning you can only upload packages to it, but not download them. Only the Octopus server can consume that feed, meaning this Powershell approach won’t work.

That said, on that other thread I’ve proposed another way to organize your deployment that I think might interest you.

I’m gonna close this ticket so we can continue our conversation in the other thread.