Docker registry does not support downloading packages on the Octopus Server

(adam.boxer) #1

I have a private docker registry that I’ve added to octopus as an external feed. I can retrieve the list of images in the registry but trying to run the octopus step to run a container from a registry throws the error in the title. The registry is hosted in azure and i am running octopus deploy v20181.1. I wanted to attach the log from the deployment but i can’t see a way to do it. Any advice?



(Robert) #3

Hi Adam,
You should be able to attach the logs through the “upload” button at the top of the text box (see screenshot below).

It sounds like you are trying to run the docker step against the server itself and not against a role. Is this correct? If so I’m a little unsure how the deployment process would have gotten into this state since the docker steps should only be run using a role (which will execute on a tentacle). Could you send a screenshot also of your deployment process.

Thanks in advance,

(adam.boxer) #5

Hi Rob,

It’s working now. The role hadn’t been set on the process step.