Docker Registry as Input for Swarm Deploy

I’m trying to deploy services to a Docker swarm by way of a Linux SSH target to a Swarm Manager. I’m trying to use a Docker Registry feed as input at release time to select what image to deploy.

The problem is the Docker registry feed seems to be restricted to the “Run a Docker container” step. That’s not useful in a Swarm and I don’t want to run the app I’m deploying.

Basically I just want to pick the docker image in Octopus from the registry feed at release time, combine that with any environment variables, dynamically generate / alter / pick up the right docker stack / compose file(s), and then execute a docker stack deploy against that stack over a Linux SSH connection to a Swarm manager node.

Is this possible in Octopus and if so how would I go about it? If not what other alternatives might generate similar results?

I suppose I could modify our build to create and push NuGet packages with a file inside corresponding to the registry image details but that’s an unnecessary duplicate feed at that point. Or I could have the build generate the stack file(s) as package artifacts to Octo but then that’s effectively environment specific builds in CI/CD that I’d prefer to avoid.

Or I suppose a dynamic variable could prompt the user for an image label override but they could type in a bad value etc. so that also doesn’t seem ideal.


Hi Geoff,

Thanks for reaching out. I see that you are looking to so something that we haven’t quite built into Octopus just yet. In order to get the result you’re chasing, you may have to build a step yourself.

You should start by looking at the Community Step templates and see if there is anything that will help you get started:
You can access the code from the community step templates, which will often speed up your solution development. Additionally, the swarm documentation is great.

If you feel like this is something that should be supported natively by Octopus, our roadmaps are often shaped by entries that get a lot of attention within the Octopus uservoice:

Otherwise, if you start developing the community step, feel free to reach out further if you get stuck or need some guidance.

I hope this helps,



Thanks @dane.falvo. That doesn’t really help but thanks for confirming.

I don’t think Swarm support itself should be an expectation from Octopus. However I would expect Docker registry feeds to be first class citizens like Octopus built-in package feeds are and not be coupled and limited to the Docker run in container step.

As it stands I have to generate Octopus packages with stack files pointing to Docker images pushed to a registry and consume that from Octopus but that provides a tighter coupling to the release from the build process. It’s also unnecessary to have to have a registry feed + nuget feed with packages mirroring / pointing to the registry.

Thanks Geoff,

I’m sorry the answer wasn’t exactly what you were after. I am happy to help if you get stuck while developing your step.

I reached out to some engineers and have paraphrased the response they gave me regarding your current solution:

You could do this with a script step using additional package references to docker images. You would either save the YAML (I assume docker swarm has YAML files) via powershell using “Set-Content” or have the template files ready to go in a package with the appropriate octostache templates.

It also wouldn’t hurt to add something to as well.



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