Docker not running on Dynamic Ubuntu Hosts

Using Octopus cloud with dynamic workers, was all fine on Friday, but today the workers do not appear to be running Docker?

I was using the standard “Hosted Ubuntu” worker, and have changed to Ubuntu 18.04 but both types are showing the same issue.

the log shows:

Leasing Ubuntu1804 dynamic worker…

Obtained worker lease successfully.

The step failed: Activities failed with errors ‘The remote script failed with exit code 1’, ‘The remote script failed with exit code 1’

DynamicWorker 21-12-20-1230-mz3q7
The remote script failed with exit code 1

The remote script failed with exit code 1
Download package octopusdeploy/worker-tools v3.2.0-ubuntu.18.04 directly from Docker Registry v1 ‘Docker’ at

docker pull octopusdeploy/worker-tools:3.2.0-ubuntu.18.04

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///home/tentacle/.docker/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

Failed to download package octopusdeploy/worker-tools v3.2.0-ubuntu.18.04 from feed: ‘

Unable to pull Docker image

Hey Simon,

Thanks for reaching out.

It may be that you got a bad worker. I have set your worker to expire so that when you kick off a new deployment you should get a new one.

Can you please try that and let me know if the new one works correctly?


That appears to be working now. Many thanks Jeremy.

Hey Simon,

You’re very welcome! Thanks for letting me know you’re in a good state.

Please let us know if you run into any other snags.


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