Discourse plugins

Not really a support question, this seems to be the only category I can post in??

I have some suggestions on discourse plugins that improve the forum functionality.

discourse-solved - allows the original poster or moderators to mark a topic as solved. In a recent beta you can even filter by solved or unsolved.

discourse-voting - Adds the ability for voting on a topic within a specified category. This is great for feature requests, give you something like uservoice for nothing! We move feature requests to a specific category which has this plugin enabled, so users can vote on them.


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for sending through details on the plugins, I’ll have a look and see if we can get them installed!

And you’re correct that we’ve restricted the ability to create posts into this one category, it’s designed so that we know when a new ticket comes in so we can make sure it gets assigned.

Thanks again,


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