Disabling login with AD Authentication


Is it possible to have AD Authentication enabled so that we can use AD Groups to assign permissions to users, but disable any sort of AD login? We’ve been able to remove the forms login, but the ‘Sign in with a domain account’ button still appears. Ideally we’d like that button to be hidden/removed if possible.


Good afternoon @simon.lye,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and great question about our AD authentication.

Unfortunately you are unable to remove the ‘Sign in with a Domain’ button without disabling the AD feature (which would remove the ability to use your AD security groups to assign user permissions in Octopus).

You can keep the forms option for your users to sign in so they have an option to sign in locally with or without AD but to have the functionality of having AD grant Octopus permissions based on security groups you need to have our AD auth option enabled which also enabled the button to sign in with a domain.

If you are wanting to limit the users that are able to sign into Octopus you can set our AD authentication settings to point to a specific OU in AD which has all your users in you actually want to have logged into Octopus. The default would be to have the main Users OU targeted which would mean all users in your Users OU would be able to logon to Octopus.

You can directly target an OU by changing the OU container here, you can see mine is targeted to an OctopusUsers OU in my AD:

Hopefully that helps and I am sorry I do not have better news for you regarding the disabling of that button.

Kind Regards,

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