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We have a number of Deployment Projects that are queuing behind other deployment projects even though they do not deploy to the same Deployment Targets. I know historically we have increased a cap to prevent this happening, but that is no longer an option. Is there anything else we can do?

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Hi Edric,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Can you please provide us a screenshot or more information about the queued tasks?
It is good to know that you have already increased the task cap. Could you please elaborate on why that is no longer an option?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Mudra,

I’ll get you a screenshot but in essence this is not a queued task but rather a queued deployment. For example there might be 20 deployments scheduled for a single project (1 for each tenant), 10 start deploying and the other 10 are queued, not ideal but understandable as this is the same project. Someone triggers a deployment on another project for a single tenant but this queues behind those initial 20.

This behaviour seems a little strange as I would expect that the second project would just deploy. It seems there maybe a global cap over all projects and it would be good for this to be set per project. So for a project where we know there is an issue deploying to more than say 10 tenants simultaneously we can set that cap to 10 without this impacting the deployments on other project.

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Hi Edric,

Thanks for writing back with more details. You have rightly pointed out that it is a global cap. Increasing the task cap will increase the maximum number of tasks the Octopus Server can run simultaneously. And each deployment to an individual tenant is a task.

Unfortunately, the cap is set on the server and not on the projects so there is no current setting that can help you adjust the task caps per project.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to clarify further or just have any followup questions.


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