Deployment targets per web app or per environment?

I currently have 6 azure function apps I need to deploy to three environments: development, test, and production.

I followed the guide you have on your blog where you use a “Deploy Azure Web App” step and “Switch Azure Staging Deployment Slot” step. Part of the setup for these requires creating a deployment target tied to the role that is being deployed.

I am currently setting up the deployment targets, and it seems that each deployment target is tied to a single web app. So for my 6 azure function apps, in 3 environments, does that mean I need to create 18 deployment targets? Is there a way of possibly simplifying this? Is there a way I can have one deployment target per azure function? Or one per environment? There are obviously concerns with the deployment target limit in our licensing.

Please let me know if there is a way of achieving this without creating excessive deployment targets. Thanks.

Hi @pkfab

Thanks for getting in touch!

I may not entirely understand how you have configured your azure functions, as it is 100% possible in Octopus to have the same target in multiple environments, which should reduce your target count to 6. Obviously that is assuming you are using environments in Octopus.

Having said that if you have a self-hosted Octopus license we are happy to apply a multiplier to your license count to allow for cloud targets as you have described. Unfortunately this isn’t (yet) possible if you are using Octopus Cloud, however that is something that we plan to support in future. If you would like the modifier applied please reach out to for assistance.

I hope that answers your questions, please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.