Deployment stops because Octopus cannot parse encrypted config file

We used the ‘Replace appSettings and connectionString entries in any .config files’ setting in Octopus 2.6 to replace our settings in config file. We have one config file (which doesn’t need replacements) which is encrypted, so cannot be parsed as XML. Octopus tries to parse it as regular XML and fails, and with that the whole deployment fails. The only way to circumvent this now is to uncheck the replace app settings and connection strings, but that means we have to explicitly use variables.

It would be great if it would just skip the encrypted file.


Thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid that the only way around this scenario would be to the other config transform methods (“Substitute variables in files” or “Configuration transforms”) like you sugest.

A sugestion to add a field to avoid specific files wouln’t be bad at all if you’d like to add it to Uservoice: