Deployment, "Job queued" behavior

Should we be concerned if we occasionally see status

Job queued, the Tentacle must be busy. Please wait…"
during our deployments?

We’ve noticed it from time-to-time. In a recent instance, deploying a web project over two steps (each step deploying to one server), to our mockup environment, on both steps we encountered the “Job queued” status for about 3-5 minutes each. We noticed that there were no other ongoing deployments during this window. (using Octopus v1.3.0.1535)

Should we be concerned if we see the “Job queued” message from time-to-time? And for this specific case, in case we experience it again, is there any action you’d advise us to take?


Hi Lisa,

To prevent conflicts the Tentacle is designed to only perform one job at once. Jobs are:

  • Deploying a package
  • Running a PowerShell script
  • Restarting the service

If you’re seeing this consistently for a period of time but no jobs are actually running it might be a bug in the Tentacle. If you could take a memory dump of the Tentacle process when this happens and send it to me I can try and work out why.


Hi Paul,

The same thing is happening with my octopus install as well.
The issue manifested itself after 1.4 upgrade, and happens quiet often (~once every day)
Tentacle restart usually helps.

I’ve attached dump file of the tentacle in “hanging” state.

Thank you

Hi Valera,

Thanks for attaching the dump. According to that dump, a job is being run on the Tentacle - the job is a deployment, and it is currently blocked waiting for the results of a PowerShell script (the script is named:


Hope that helps,


Hi Paul,
Thank you for the heads up.

According to the Octopus Dashboard, there was nothing running on any
tentacles, when I’ve took crash dump.
However the service, you’ve indicated is a top-shelf installation of the
new service, which I’ve added around 1.4 upgrade.

Thank you,