Deployment hangs

I am finding the deployment task to consistently hangs with the message.

“Waiting for the script in task (error - task not found) to finish as this script requires that no other Octopus scripts are executing on this target at the same time.”

This happens repeatedly on the second of two deployment targets, both are octopus windows tentacles

Rebooting resolves for 1 deploy. All tentacles report healthy.

The tentacle doesn’t report anything unusual in the logs. Simply showing the Octopus server connection connecting as a client, and a second line being authenticated, in the log recorded in the log folder.

Hi @howeson,

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, it looks like you’re running into a known issue: GitHub Issue.

Apologies about this but it is on our radar.
Our engineers are working on a solution, please feel free to follow the GitHub issue linked for updates.

If you have further concerns or queries, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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Thanks for the reply, if it is any help in tracking down, this deployment project has been working without issue for several years. It seems to be have been an issue introduced in a relatively recent update, coincided with adding two new end points to deploy to.

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Hi @howeson,

Thanks for the information. If you have time, would you please be able to comment on the GitHub issue with the version you upgraded from and the version you upgraded to? It may help the developers narrow down the code change.

You can find your version history in your Octopus database in the dbo.OctopusServerInstallationHistory table.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Thanks for your following up, much appreciated. The installation history table shows the following.


The problem began after the upgrade from 2020.4.2 to 2021.2.7727. It’s also worth mentioning the fact that I had upgraded the deployment targets, so the servers the tentacles were installed on went from windows server 2012 to 2022, at the same time.

I have just tried removing both deployment targets from the server, and uninstalling the tentacles from the targets, rebooting each machine before reinstalling. First 2 deployments went through. Will try to update performance on here

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