Deployment do not respect Octopus.Deployment.SpecificMachines variable

Hello. I am using Octopus.Deployment.SpecificMachines variable to deploy only to the list of specific machines among available. However if I use variable with tenant tag in the project, it seems like my deployment do not respect Octopus.Deployment.SpecificMachines variable even though my deployment is untenanted. I can see deployment went to machines that are not in the list.

I have configured a project to test that behavior and shave off anything else that could affect the deployment. You can see in the screenshot that there are machines that are not in the Octopus.Deployment.SpecificMachines variable. Keep in mind that deployment is untenanted in this case. Also I can see that the value(A) of the variable is taken correctly. Then, if I delete variable with tenant tag scope deployment will proceed correctly.

This seems very strange and unrelated but maybe I do not understand something or there is a bug in there.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @avasin,

Thank you for contacting Octopus support and for the precise instructions for the issue.
It does look like a bug. Let me try to reproduce it in our environment.


Thanks @sergei.dubovsky . Please, feel free to contact me if you need more details.