Deployment Comments entry in 2.0

Am I blind or is there no more text area to enter deployment comments when creating or promoting a deployment?

Hi there - no, it is definitely omitted from 2.0. I’m not sure of the reasoning here, I’ve created to follow up with Paul and check this.

Thanks for the heads up!

I notice you’re now going for ‘prompted variables’.

Any word on when this is getting implemented?

Hi Piers,

We’re working towards it - a lot of the back end work is done, but we haven’t scheduled the front end work into a definite release yet.

Can you share any details of your scenario here? It would be great to have some info to help guide the feature, when we do it.


Sure. There are two primary reasons I want this:

  1. Sometimes we have a ticket in our issue tracking system but it wasn’t captured/tied to a commit or build. E.g. v1.2.3 is built and a release created to staging but the developers commit notes don’t reference ticket ABC (or ticket ABC is created for tracking purposes after the build and release have been created) when we go to deploy it to Production I’d like to be able to enter ticket ABC. This way the link between that deployment and that ticket is made. What I’ll do is have a PS script that updates the ticket in our issue system saying a deployment was made.

  2. If I roll back version v1.2.3 to v1.2.2 it would be nice to be able to add some notes so 6 months down the road I can remember why we had to regress versions.

Ah great - thanks! I was thinking of broader “prompted variables” scenarios, but I see I mis-read your comment. We’ll keep you posted on deployment comments.