Deploying to sub regions with in the Tenant (Region)


I need to configure OD, where we deploy to sub regions with in the same server. My setup looks like below:

Tenants: Region1, Region2
Environments: Server1 (under Region1), Server2 (under Region2), Server3 (under Region1)

Server1 (Need to configure SubRegion01, SubRegion02,subRegion03)
Server2 (Need to configure SubRegion04, SubRegion05)
Server3 (Need to configure SubRegion01, SubRegion03)

I Created a project with steps as below:
DeployStep-SR1 for SubRegion01
DeployStep-SR2 for SubRegion02
DeployStep-SR3 for SubRegion03
DeployStep-SR4 for SubRegion04
DeployStep-SR5 for SubRegion05

Now I need to deploy Project to the servers matching Region1 and SubRegion01, SubRegion02. I expect my project deploy to SubRegion01 and 02 on Server01; SubRegion01 on Server3. How can i achieve this?

I tried using Tenant Tag “SubRegion”, but it is trying to deploy to all the SubRegions per the Tenant. I will need to check the SubRegions at the server level and decide whether to execute the step or to skip it.

Hi Manasa,

Thanks for getting in touch! The way we designed Environments and Tenants in Octopus Deploy can be thought of like this: “Tenants are like a small slice of an Environment”. In other words I would have thought of your scenario and modelled it more like this:

Environments: Region1, Region2
Tenants: SubRegion1, SubRegion2, SubRegion3

When you deploy a release to any combination of Environment + Tenant, Octopus will use a folder structure like this: C:\Octopus\Applications\[Tenant name]\[Environment name]\[Package name]\[Package version]\ where C:\Octopus\Applications is the Tentacle application directory you configured when installing Tentacle

Some pages you may find helpful:

I would recommend thinking of the canonical examples we’ve described in our guides and documentation (so you can understand how Octopus models these kinds of deployment scenarios) and then try to map your scenario onto the Octopus “way of thinking”.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, Mike.