Deploying releases from the overview page

A week ago we upgraded to the latest Octopus release after 12 months running an older version, and we are now running a tenanted-deployment system. In that week, we have created 53 releases. In my advice to our end-users, I recommended that they deploy using the Overview page and the Release drop-down list, so they could deploy a release to a single tenant/environment, as opposed to deploying via the Release page, which may select multiple tenants based on our Channel setup, and we only ever wish to deploy to one tenant/env at any time.
The problem we now face is that the Release drop-down on the Overview page only shows the latest 30 releases, so our users cannot deploy a release from here that is even less than a week old.
Even if the Overview screen is filtered by Tenant, this does not update the Release drop-down to only display releases eligible to be deployed to the tenants selected in the filter. Is there any way around this? So far we’ve only had one occasion where a user went via the release page to deploy, and accidentally kicked off deployments to 7 tenants, which we had to very quickly cancel, and we don’t want to be in that position again. I’m currently looking into ways to trap that in our Powershell steps.


I believe I understand your scenario, and your frustration.

I think the simplest thing we can do initially is to make searching releases on the project overview search all releases, not only the latest 30.

I have created an issue for this.

Would this improve the situation for you?


Hi Michael - Thanks for the reply. Yes, that would definitely help us with our deployments. I think filtering the drop-down to match the tenant filtering would also help, but would no doubt incur a performance hit. Your solution will certainly resolve our issue though.
Thanks, Simon.

Hi Michael - I can confirm that build 3.15.3 now allows us to search for any release on the Project Overview page, which helps us out greatly. Thanks for taking this on-board!
Cheers, Simon.