Deploying Release through the REST API

Typically I use the octo.exe app deploy applications via command line. i was curious if it was possible to do the same thing through the REST API. If so, how is that done?

Nevermind I found out how it is done. I visited Github and looked at the master branch. There is a script for creating and deploying releases at

Here is how the deployment itself is done.
#Creating deployment
$DeploymentBody = @{
ReleaseID = $r.Id #mandatory
EnvironmentID = $ #mandatory
} | ConvertTo-Json

$d = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $OctopusURL/api/deployments -Method Post -Headers $Header -Body $DeploymentBody


I’m happy to hear you found a good solution! Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

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