Deploying a package from a local nuget/proget feed shows unlisted packages

We have a local proget server hosting our nuget packages for our releases. when deploying a nuget package, as you create a new release, I noticed that the list of packages/search is showing unlisted packages. we have a number of packages that we unlisted so no one uses them for new applications, but won’t break existing builds. Is there any way to set octopus so it only shows listed packages?

Hi Kirk,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The external feed support for Nuget feeds in Octopus relies on the feed API provider providing the functionality. From the Octopus server, all Nuget feeds, such as Nuget, MyGet or Proget, are all the same.
When calling a Nuget server, the Octopus Server explicitly excludes Unlisted packages and includes Prerelease packages. Internally, Octopus is using the Nuget Client libraries to provide the Nuget Feed search functions.

I tested this myself with a local Proget server and found that unlisting all versions of a package hid it completely, but unlisting a particular version still returned that version when listing all versions of the package. I tested this from both Octopus, when creating a release and selecting a specific version, and using the Nuget Package Explorer.

This may be an issue with the Proget server, not excluding the unlisted packages correctly.

I hope this helps, I don’t have a lot of experience with Proget, but can help if you can provide me with some more information regarding this issue.


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