DeployFailed.ps1 and Custom PowerShell Scripts

The Custom PowerShell scripts don’t include an option for DeployFailed.ps1. Is there a technical reason for that or is it an oversight?

Hi Trevor - at the moment I think the omission of this one is just to save some space/clutter on the page, no technical reason. Is this one important for your scenario?


No it’s not important right now and we can always add the file to the package. We aren’t currently using it but we’ve discussed a couple scenarios it might be useful. If it’s necessary we’ll add it to the package.

It seems like DeployFailed.ps1 is the red-headed step child of powershell scripts. Even your documentation treats it as an afterthought:

In your NuGet package, you can add any of the following files:




After extracting your package, Tentacle will detect these scripts and invoke them using PowerShell.exe. Which file you use depends on when you need your custom activity to run – see the section on what order are conventions run in for details.

In addition, you can also create a file named DeployFailed.ps1, which will be invoked if the package deployment fails. Our blog post about this feature describes how DeployFailed.ps1 works.

Fair point. Since we have the option to add PowerShell script steps, and set their condition to “Run on failure” the traditional DeployFailed.ps1 is perhaps a bit less widely used now than it once was. I’ll update the documentation though, thanks!

Ah never mind, I see we discuss it in the last paragraph there. I’ll leave it for now. Cheers!