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Is there a way to dynamically assign a value to the “On Behalf Of” field when deploying WebApps?
We’re trying to dynamically create and delete deployment targets and target roles as the deployments go, in an effort to keep the fewer deployment targets as possible, in Octopus.

Would there be a way to populate the field through Octopus variables?

Using Octopus v2018.10.0 LTS

Hi @etienne.huckle-marchand

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I presume what you are trying to set dynamically is the on behalf of targets in role as shown in the screenshot below:

Unfortunately that is something that can’t be set dynamically in Octopus.

A workaround that may work would be to use the Octopus API to add a role to a step, which while you can’t do dynamically during a release for this project could be triggered either externally or in a script step from another project which could then create and deploy a release for this project.

I hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else that I can assist with!


Hi @Alex.Rolley

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face: Good idea; using a script or the API could be a good workaround but might overcomplicate the deployment process. Let’s keep the value hardcoded for the time being.

Is dynamically setting on behalf of targets in role something likely to be implemented in the future releases?

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Hi @etienne.huckle-marchand

Nothing is every off the table, however the work involved in implementing this particular change means that unless there is a large need from the community I doubt it would be something that we would be committing to anytime soon.

On that, I would recommend heading over to UserVoice and raising a feature request there. We actively monitor the requests there and if enough of the community vote for the feature that is a good indication that it will make it to our roadmap.


Thanks for your time and support!
For reference, there was a suggestion on UserVoice that matched mine:

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