Deploy to IIS step - not creating app pool

Hi ,
I am pushing an application using the the '‘Deploy to IIS’ built in step.
But octopus fails to create the app pool, I am having to create it manually for the first time around.

Can you please check our logs and advice.



Hi @amushtaq

Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like the reason this doesn’t work with the New-Item cmdlet here:

Is to do with the fact your App Pool Name has a . at the start.

The easiest way to work around this would be to change this value for example instead of .NET v4.5 Resources Testing you could name it dotNet v4.5 Resources Testing.

I think this is a quirk with the way this cmdlet works, and therefore isn’t in Octopus’ control to change since it’s an IIS WebAdministration PowerShell cmdlet.

I hope that helps!

That worked, many thanks

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Hey @amushtaq

That’s great to hear. Have a great rest of your day