Deploy to Azure Functions using Octopus

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Hello guys,

I need some advise regarding deployment to Azure Functions using Octopus We are using Jenkins and Octopus and we wanted to run a script to build the azure function automatically using Octopus. I know that Jenkins has a plugin for this, but I was wondering if running a script to make a function app on Azure can be done by octopus too and if it is a good practice to do it this way since I didn’t find any documentations or any scenarios doing it yet. Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi Atefeh,
Thanks for reaching out! Glad to hear you’re looking at using Octopus for deploying Azure Functions.

You can certainly Deploy Azure Functions with Octopus Deploy, but if I understand your question correctly, this can’t be done without a Build Server. Jenkins would still be required to monitor GIT and Build the packages containing the Azure function. Octopus’s role here is to manage the packages and push/deploy them to Azure.

You may have already seen our blog on Deploying Azure Functions as its a couple of years old but still relevant

Take a look at this post and let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

I hope this helps!


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Thank you so much Tina. I think I didn’t ask my question clearly. What I want to do, is to “create an Azure function app” using Octopus instead of doing this manually on azure portal ( so the rest of the deploying on the function app would use this) so that we can build and deploy our code using that. The rest of the process is done using the blog you kindly provided. Since I could not find any best practice on this creation, Is there any thing that you can help me with?


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Hi Atefeh,
Thanks for the clarification!

If the goal is to automate the manual step of creating the Azure Resource using Octopus, then you’d want to use the Deploy an Azure Resource Manager template step template to create the resource in the first step of your Octopus Build process.

Here’s Microsofts documentation on “Automating Resource Deployments for your Function App in Azure Functions” that might be a helpful companion to the ARM template.

I hope this is what you’re looking for, if not please don’t hesitate to followup with further inquiries.

Kind Regards,

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