Deploy through ssh jump host


What would be the best way to use Octopus Deploy in production environment, where our Octopus server won’t have direct access to tentacles?
Currently it is configured with Ansible that way, that there are two Ansible hosts, one is in production environment and during deploy, ssh jump host is used, .
We also use Jenkins and now we are looking for solution to overcome this major blocker.


Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately we currently do not support SSH jump hosts. If this is a feature you would really like to see, please add a UserVoice suggestion.

The only option at the moment is to use a proxy, or deploy the package to the jump box, then run a script to connect to the next machine to transfer the files.

We are however planning on porting Tentacle to Linux, so that it can run in polling mode and reach out to the Octopus server and therefore require no open incoming ports.

Robert W