Deploy SSRS Reports from package step template fails first time, succeeds second time


We have a deployment process that makes use of the “Deploy SSRS Reports from a package” as one of the final steps (it’s the 2nd last step). When performing the deployment initially, this step fails compliaining that the permissions granted to the user OGP\DeploymentService are insufficient for performing this operation. This user is configured on the Report Server as a “System User”.

If I retry the release and manually skip all the steps except for this one and the final step that follows, it succeeds with no problems.

Do you have any idea why this may be occurring? I can’t seem to figure it out (not yet at least).

I have attached the raw deploy logs from both attempt 1 & attempt 2.

Let me know if you need any additional information.

Release0.8.37-Attempt_1-ServerTasks-2835.log.txt (274 KB)

Release0.8.37-Attempt_2-ServerTasks-2837.log.txt (6 KB)

I should also add that we’re using version

Greetings! I’m the author of this task, Octopus contacted me to see if I can provide some assistance. The second log file, where it shows success, doesn’t look like it’s actually attempting to upload the reports. The first log file I can see that it found a file and attempted to upload it, but was denied. What roles are assigned to the OGP\DeploymentService for the destination folder?

Thanks Shawn,

I am now on maternity leave so will not be able to assist further with this. I am copying my colleague, Sean, on this email as well. He will be the contact for this issue going forward.

Sean, you can see the information for this here:



Congrats on your new arrival! My youngest just turned 1 last week :slight_smile:

Sean, may I assume that the account the tentacle is running as is the OPG\DeploymentService? If so, that account will need a minimum Publisher rights to the target folder. It might need a little more for updating the report parameters, but I think Publisher might be enough.