Deploy release octo command line variable passed but not set when deployment runs

I’m using the TeamCity plugin to deploy an octopus release. I’m passing a variable to the octo command line shown below, but when the deployment runs the variable is not set. Am I doing something wrong, does the variable have to have a special scope? Does the variable have to have an empty default value?

octo.exe deploy-release --server --apikey SECRET --project MyProject --enableservicemessages --version 0.0.15 --deployto Testbed1 --progress -v MyOctoVariable:MyValue



Thanks for reaching out. The -v parameter only works for Prompt Variables:

  -v, --variable=VALUE       [Optional] Values for any prompted variables in
                             the format Label:Value

If you want to use this from Octo.exe, make that variable a prompted one by clicking on the Prompt button (see attached screenshot)



Hello Dalmiro,
Thanks for the help, marking the variable as a Prompt variable fixed my issue.