Deploy Python API on windows machine

How can I deploy Python API to windows machine through Octopus ?

Is it possible to do that ?

Hi @marmikvshah

We allow deployment of many different things to Windows machines via Octopus. Are you wanting to deploy a Python script that consumes a particular API or is this a Python application that runs an API?

If you are wanting to execute a script we have Run a Script steps that allow for Python to be run. Octopus will take your script, package it, and run it on the target of your choice.

If it’s an API application you wish to deploy you can use our Deploy a Package step to deploy your application to your chosen machine. We also have options for deploying to IIS directly should you wish to spin this up at the same time.

You can read up on our deployment targets here, which details Windows targets: Deployment targets | Documentation and Support.

Should you have any more questions beyond that, please let me know!
Kind Regards

I have Python API using Flask. How can I deploy it ? Do you have step by step documentation ?

Thanks for quick response.

Hi @marmikvshah

Apologies for the late reply.

It would be down to how you wish to deploy this. I’m not familiar with Python API using Flask, but from what I’ve read it looks to be based on executing scripts against the target machine.

In this case, you can use the previous link about Run a Script steps to run scripts against the machine using Python to run your application. Our script steps allow any scripts to be run against deployment targets as long as the required modules/libraries (in this case, Python, pip, Flask, etc.) are on the machine.

I would also read up on the deployment targets link so you know how to configure your target machine in Octopus.

That should be all you need to get started. Should you run into any pitfalls please let us know.

Kind Regards