Deploy docker-compose yaml


Not sure if it has been asked before are that I just missed it, but I hope someone can help me out or point me in the right direction.

We have developed some api which use different containers which are all controlled using docker-compose. We looking for a way to manage deployment of new version via Octopus but I cannot seem to find a way to do this. There are steps for deploying separate docker containers but not for docker-compose files so I guess that’s not supported at the moment.

Do you have in any insight in how other customer do this so I can find a good way to setup this up, also because of the versioning of deployments etc.

Current setup: Octopus 2018.7.5.
We use gitlab + private dockerregistry and the tentacle is via SSH to a Linux server.


Rex de Koning

Hi Rex,

This was a scenario that was previously quite painful, because there was no way to reference docker images from script steps in Octopus. But if you are able to upgrade to 2018.8, this got a lot nicer. We recently published a blog post describing exactly this.

Please let me know if that meets your needs? Making Octopus play nicely with containers is something we are currently spending some effort on, so we would welcome any feedback you may have. And of course, if we can be of any further help, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Michael Richardson

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply… I’m going to first read the blog and then upgrade…