Deleting user from "Everyone"

Hi Team,

I wanted to delete a user from Team “Everyone” and restrict from preview deploy to some projects (Dev deploy should be given) and provide dev and preview deploy access to other projects.

We do not have delete user option in octopus for “Everyone”. Please help.

Octopus Version: (Attached screenshot for reference).

Hi Sangeetha,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you please provide any screenshots of errors you are receiving when you attempt to remove a user from the Everyone team.
Your screenshot only shows the everyone team and its permissions but not any error you got trying to remove a user from that team.


Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your reply.

We do not have user delete option in octopus. As you can see in the above screenshot, the members (Teamcity and Build Account) does not have delete option.

Sangeetha K

Hi Sangeetha,

Yes sorry, the Everyone team is a special team, and must include every user in the Octopus system, we do not allow you to delete from that team. The suggestion is to leave the Everyone team with zero permissions or any minimum permissions you would like every user to have.
You will need to create teams for the permissions you require and add users to those teams.

Sorry for the confusion.