Deleting cached variables

Hello there,

In order to avoid storing credentials on the Octopus server, we have been using prompted secure variables. This works wonderfully. However, during a deployment that was skipping the steps required for the variable, I entered a dummy entry into the prompt (as the variable was marked ‘required’), that just happened to be a single character.

What is now happening is that every instance of that character is being dutifully starred out by Octopus, and it’s rendering the logs almost unreadable.

I have deleted the release which originally used this dummy value, and even gone on to delete the entire project, as well as running quite strict retention policies against it. However, this secure variable refuses to go away.

Where might it be kept, and how might we remove it?

Hi - sorry about the pain here. The solution should be to simply restart the Octopus Server service; the list of tokens to star out is kept in memory and should be flushed on restart.

Please let me know if you have any more trouble with it.

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This has fixed the problem!

Thank you very much.