Deleting an undeployed release

We are currently running version and are experiencing an issue with deletion of releases. One of our more common scenarios is to pre-stage a release for promotion. In this scenario the current duplicate logic checks for release name make this difficult without changes to our release numbering convention. Currently we create a release for a project without deploying it. When it is determined that this release needs to either be recreated from a newer build (prior to sending to the deployment teams) we delete the release in Octopus with the expectation that since it hadn’t ever been deployed we could create a new release with the same numbering. Prior to our upgrade to we could perform this operation any number of times until the release was deployed to at minimum 1 environment. Now we are lengthening our release numbers artificially before sending deployments to the deployment team which causes some confusion in referencing releases. We commonly release multiple projects under the same release number as they are aligned for production delivery on production target date.

Is there a way to remove this duplicate check or to clean up all history of the undeployed release number so that it can be re-used?


Thanks for getting in touch! Hopefully I am understanding this correctly. The process and policy on deleting releases in Octopus has not changed dramatically. You can delete releases and reuse the numbers. However when something is marked for deletion in Octopus a task is created to do the physical deletion. Sometimes deletion tasks are hung or queued and never run, or even just delayed due to already running tasks. Are you able to check if a deletion task has timed out or been queued?
I cannot see why your process should have to change since your upgrade, unless I am understanding it incorrectly.

Please let me know if i’m in a completely different ballpark.

Vanessa, sorry for the delayed response. We had a ton of tasks which were incomplete which were keeping all of the deletes from occuring as you suspected. Once we restarted the Octopus server these caught up and we have been able to delete.