Deleting an Octopus Server Node Fails

Deleting an Octopus Server Node produced that following error:

An unexpected error occurred in Octopus v2019.3.5: The link is not set to a value

Error: The link is not set to a value
e.resolve (
t.del (
t.del (
n. ( (
new W (
o (

Looking the browser’s developer tools it looks like it is attempting to call Links.Self on an object that looks like this (Note: it has a Links.Node, but no Links.Self):

   "Id" : "OctopusServerNodes-Example-06",
   "IsInMaintenanceMode" : true,
   "IsLeader" : false,
   "IsOffline" : false,
   "LastSeen" : "2019-06-27T02:49:07.722+00:00",
   "Links" : {
     "Node" : "/api/octopusservernodes/OctopusServerNodes-Example-06", 
     "Details" : "/api/octopusservernodes/OctopusServerNodes-Example-06/details"
   "MaxConcurrentTasks" : 10,
   "Name" : "Example-06",
   "Rank" : "Follower",
   "RunningTaskCount" : 0

Sending a delete request using the value in the Links.Node via postman, works as a workaround (Just remember to set X-Octopus-ApiKey in the header)

Looks like this has already been fixed in 2019.5.0 see “Link not set to a variable” error when deleting offline HA Node on GitHub.

We are on version 2019.3.5 LTS.

Is there a time-line for when these types of bug fixes get rolled into the Long Term Support version?

Hi @kshanafelt,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes as you have pointed out, that bug has already been fixed. We’ll be releasing 2019.6.x LTS mid-next-week which will include this fix.

Best regards,