Defining Process needs a role to be defined

I am trying to define the process in a project. It does not allow me to define a step if there are no existing machines with a role defined.
Please select one or more roles that this script step will apply to.

I cannot add the machines and define the roles beforehand as the machines get created as and when required.
We would like to be able to add the role to the machine when it gets created. Is there a workaround for this?

Gobin Sougrakpam

Hi Gobin,

Thanks for getting in touch. You are correct, and I have had the same frustration - I’ve wanted to define my deployment process before any machines were available - but there are no Machine Roles until there are Machines.

The approach I often take to work around this is to:

  1. Deploy to a Dev or Test environment where I can provision Machines and define the Roles in preparation for my Production deployments.
  2. Create a Dummy environment that I will never deploy to, and a Machine that is disabled, and then add the Roles to that Machine.

As more customers are moving to cloud environments it is typical not to have any machines until they are provisioned, and we will see an increase in this kind of frustration.

There are already several suggestions on UserVoice and I’d recommend building some support behind these.

It’s possible we’ll end up doing something more friendly in Octopus 3.4 based on our roadmap to make cloud deployments easier.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Mike.

Hi Gobin,

No problems and happy deployments!