Dashboard (3.4.1) - missing images show broken link

If the project does not have an image defined in Settings, the browser just displays a “broken” images link.

The attached is from Firefox on Windows.

Hi Michael,

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We have not been able to reproduce this problem. Would you be able to right-click the broken image, inspect the element and take a screenshot so we can see the html of the breaking image?

Eg. similar to the attached.

Mark Siedle

Screenshot is attached…

Thanks Michael,

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the image URL. It’s calling the project API’s /logo endpoint, which we use to stream your project’s image. When you upload images they are copied to an Artifact folder on your server. We store the reference to this file in your database (in the Project table’s JSON column, in a field called “LogoAttachmentKey”).

My guess is that these files have been deleted/moved at some point, so now your images are broken.

You can reset these to use the default Octopus/placeholder image by going into your project Settings menu, then click the Change button under the Logo section in the right sidebar. Then you need to click the “Use Default” button as shown in my attachment. This will reset your project logo.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


That works, however, to be clear, OD should handle the case more gracefully.

Hi Michael,

I agree. We have created a Github issue here if you wish to be notified when this issue is fixed.