Customized Views

Is it currently possible, or are there plans, to customize the views on the Environments webpage? The problem is in the growing number of Environments we have. For example, if we had a group named “Tomcat.” This group would then have four different Environments: Tomcat_Dev, Tomcat_Test, Tomcat_Prod, Tomcat_DR. You can imagine how the length of the page grows significantly as the number of Environments increase. It would be helpful to view all of our Environments on a single screen, rather than having to scroll. If we could create a single icon to represent the group “Tomcat,” then we could click on it and view the associated Environments Tomcat_Dev, Tomcat_Test, Tomcat_Prod, Tomcat_DR. It would be similar to a network topology map, or collapsible view. Thank you.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Our environments page is constantly being modified to add more usability, however, it does not look like we can do exactly what you are after here currently. However, this is a rather popular extension that you may be interested in looking into called Bluefin. It is a chrome extension around the environment and dashboard page for larger installations. (Plus a lot more)

The other option is to check out UserVoice for community suggestions. We use UserVoice to gauge our communities desire for certain features or functionality. You are welcome to vote, comment with your thoughts or even create your own suggestion. :slight_smile:

Let me know how you go.

Best regards,

ok, thank you. You can close the issue.