Cron experssions in Octo triggers

Hi I have a use case where I want to trigger a runbook on the Sat after 2nd Tuesday of Month (Patch Tuesday for windows).
I was trying to use the expressions in CRON, for eg: 0 6 * * Tue expr date +%s / 604800 \% 2
But Octopus Cron cant identify this.

Is the expression not allowed with CRON in Octopus?

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I am sorry to hear Octopus wont validate a CRON expression, we do have a page on CRON expressions Octopus allows here if you have not seen it yet.

I am not sure that CRON expression is correct though for what you are after, I usually use a CRON generator such as this one -

I programmed that to trigger on the 3rd Saturday of every month which shows:

0 0 12 ? 1/1 SAT#3 *

By my calculations (it is still early for me so I may be wrong) this should fall on the Saturday after patch Tuesday on every month I have looked at so far.

This does validate in Octopus:

Does that help at all?

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