Create release is stuck.. just get spinner

This just started occurring today. We have created releases within the past 24 hours and at least one a day. There are no errors in the logs. This happens with any project.
We are dead in the water!

I have upgraded to latest, restarted service and restarted server.

Hi Brian,

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem.

The likely cause for this is an issue with your NuGet feed. Which NuGet repository are you using (Octopus, TeamCity, etc). Roughly how many packages do have stored, and do you use a retention policy?
Are you able to query it outside of Octopus?


We use TeamCity for our package store. I’ll check on how many we have and what retention policy we use.
We are able to query it outside of Octopus.

Feed Requests Count per Day 4
Packages Count 1934
Different Package Ids Count 18

HEre’s our retention policy

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Hi Brian,

We have seen issues before with the performance of TeamCity’s NuGet feed when it contains a large number of packages. Yours contains > 1900 according to your provided statistics. You have specifically excluded .nupkg’s from your TeamCity clean-up rules (which is a common thing to do, as you can’t reference them if they’re not there!).

See a similar issue here.

I would recommend either switching to use Octopus Deploy’s built-in feed, or removing some packages from the TeamCity repository.

Please let me know if this resolves your problem?

Brian, I apologize, the ticket I linked to is private; you won’t be able to see it.

Also, did the performance gradually degrade or suddenly stop responding?

If the latter, a couple of additional things that may be worth investigating:

This StackOverflow question found an issue with TeamCity authorization with it’s own NuGet feed:

You could also try re-indexing the TeamCity NuGet feed according to the final paragraph on: