Create Octopus Release task failing in azure devops even then release is created

My azure devops pipeline is failing at create octopus release task with the error

Creating release… The resource ‘Releases-940&__ncforminfo=nTnJaCds9e4aGUPiARw0PWviw6JHfZFku7WNV5pRLy6NmAXD2densnXYEZuFvsiwsUbp4ByEmTQ=’ was not found. Error from Octopus Server (HTTP 404 NotFound) Exit code: -7 ##[error]Error: C:\hostedtoolcache\windows\Octo\6.0.2\x64\Octo.cmd failed with return code: 4294967289 ##[error]Failed to deploy release C:\hostedtoolcache\windows\Octo\6.0.2\x64\Octo.cmd failed with return code: 4294967289


  1. even the task is failing i am able to see the release is created at octopus, but because the task is failing it is not able to go to the next task i.e. octopus deployment task.**

2)I am able to push the nuget package to octopus success fully and if I change the control option of octopus deploy task i am able to deploy also but the status for pipeline will still failed

  1. I have already raise the request to azure devops there response is there is some issue with octopus server response.

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is curious, when octo.exe creates the release it posts a resource to the Octopus, but that error is saying that it’s getting an error trying to read a resource. The resource id would normally be in the format Releases-940 too, so the & and everything after it isn’t expected.

Could I get you to share some more details of how you have the process and step are configured? Also, if you could attach the section of the build log around that call that may help us track down what’s happening. Please obfuscate any private information before you post it here.


Hi Shannon,
thanks for your response-
here are the steps which I have used to implement -

  1. I have install Octopus deployment installation to my azure devops.
  2. I have connected the octopus to azure devops using API key form service connection section of azure devops
  3. I have used three task of Octopus deployment -a) push package ,b)create release, c)octopus deploy
  4. i don’t think any issue with octopus connection as I am able to push package to octopus and release also getting created.
  5. I am attaching the last activity on octopus after which it stopped working.

I am not able to share the screenshot, there is some error I getting while uploading image. please let me know how can share the log I feel it will really helpful for you to understand the issue.

for a hint I will say, we there is some version change issue at octpus -

“Id”: “deploymentprocess-Projects-125”,
“OwnerId”: “Projects-125”,
“Version”: 4 **<- here the last version was 3 we did some changes in transformation section but this section got change unknowingly
“Steps”: [
“Id”: “fc35f394-bf02-4dcf-9b5e-c81850317337”,
“Name”: “Deployment Begin Email”,
“Condition”: “Success”,
“StartTrigger”: “StartAfterPrevious”,
“PackageRequirement”: “LetOctopusDecide”,
“Actions”: [

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