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We have 2 instances of Octopus, a pre-production and production. They both have different variable values and different number of servers. We would like to transfer any change made to a project in pre-production to Production via source control so any new variables or step changes are automatically applied in Production via a scheduled task. What’s the best way to achieve this? I read up about data migration and the cli export tool but I can’t see a way without manual intervention.


Hi Milan,

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We are interested to hear you believe this cannot be automated. What sort of manual intervention is it requiring? We know quite a few customers who perform this without manual intervention.
Have you given this a try? What kind of issues are you running into when you run the export tool? Is it giving you an error?

I know in Octopus 3.4 the Migrator tool is being updated so it can migrate specific parts of a project and ignore everything else, making the process smoother.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to the bottom of this.



Hi Kenny,

The issue is that our steps are slightly different in that in production,
we have more steps because the setup is different. So when I import the
pre-production configuration, I do not want it to delete the extra steps
but I do want the common steps to be updated.

Thanks for pointing out the upcoming improvement it the Migrator tool,
that will certainly make it easier allowing me to choose the specific
projects, along with their variables and steps as those are the only parts
are want to import in prod. I suspect I will need to have the extra
production steps in the pre-production environments as well which isn’t an
issue for the added benefit.



Even with the changes we are making in 3.4 to make the export only related to a project based on your scenario this can still be automated. People are currently doing this by scripting the export, removing the JSON files regarding steps they do not want modified on the production instance, then importing. There is no need for manual intervention so long as the changes required to the export before import are always the same.

The additional steps in your production environment will remain untouched even though the JSON files you import won’t include them. It will just update the steps that exist in the importing files.

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