Conditional Parent Step With Multiple Child Steps Show Green When Condition is False

I upgrade to version 2020.4.11 at the weekend and can see child steps now have ability to be conditional.

I have NOT yet used this feature but I have noticed the existing behaviour has changed to be very confusing.

When a parent step has a condition that turns out to be false, that parent step turns grey in the Task output (correctly). The first child step also turns grey (correctly) but all the other subsequent child steps all turn greed which is both incorrect and very worrying/confusing because it makes it look like they ran - I dont think they did run though.

Secondary to this - the output at the beginning of the Task no longer output how all the condition were evaluated.

Is there a change I need to make to allow the subsequent child steps to show as grey - or is this a bug?



Hi @stuart.wells

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you may have come across a bug, we have an issue raised on GitHub here that could follow.

Unfortunately, there are no known workarounds yet. I apologise if this is causing you and inconvenience. You can subscribe to the GitHub issue to receive update notifications.


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