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We’re migrating to a new octopus server and need to migrate all of our existing projects - I presume we could clone the octopus server but given there will be all new deployment targets and infra as we are moving to a new domain controller I thought it might be quicker to manually export/import projects instead of cloning and manually removing all of the unused targets. The issue is that there are references in multiple projects to the community step template “SQL - Deploy DACPAC from Package Parameter” which appears to just not exist on the community library anymore. Is there a way to gracefully import these projects to a new server when we can’t install the community step template anymore?

Hi @adam.boxer1,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

Due to Microsoft upgrading the PowerShell SQLModule to v22, the Step Template SQL - Deploy DACPAC from Package Parameter will no longer work as the old script relied on PowerShell 5.1 while the new module requires PowerShell 6+. If you are migrating by transferring Octopus Projects using the export/import tool, you’ll likely need to refactor your affected projects to use the new version of this Step Template called SQL - Deploy DACPAC using SqlPackage.

Otherwise, if the new compatibility requirements are not a concern, you may reconsider using the existing Octopus SQL DB and remove the unused targets as needed. You can find our documentation on this here. We also have scripts available that can help automate the process of removing unused machines.

Hopefully you find this information helpful. If we can assist with anything else, please let us know.

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Thanks Donny! We cloned the server and used the script and it worked like a charm. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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