Cloud target discovery missing targets

We are having a problem with Azure cloud target discovery and app services. We are using the “DEPLOY AN AZURE APP SERVICE” step. We are running on Octopus Cloud version 2023.2.9088-hotfix.9778.

When the discovery runs some targets are not discovered. I have reviewed the verbose logs from the discovery step, and I see that it never shows the missing targets as it’s performing the target filtering based on the tags.

It appears to be some kind of caching issue. If I change the step to use a different worker pool, missing targets may be discovered. I’ve used this as a workaround, but the problem always comes back regardless if I’m using the default pool, hosted ubuntu, or one of our self-hosted worker pools.

Hi @mud5150,

Cheers for reaching out, I’d be happy to look into what’s going on with your Cloud Target Discovery not picking up the latest resources until the worker pool is changed!

I haven’t had any luck reproducing this issue just yet but I’ll keep looking into it. Could you please upload those RAW Task logs to our secure upload portal here? That should show all we need to see what’s going on, I’m curious if it lists the total number of candidate webapps before the tag filters get applied, e.g. from my logs:

Found 5 candidate web app resources
Web app FDRandom does not match target requirements:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all!

Best Regards,

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