Cloud-Hosted - Tasks queued appear to be stuck

I signed up for cloud-hosted Octopus Deploy to try it out. I was able to successfully add a polling tentacle to a target. Looking at the tentacle log files on the target, the tentacle service is able to connect to my cloud instance.

The issue I am running into is that all the tasks related to this target are queued and don’t appear to be processing. For example, when I queue a task to check for connectivity for the target, nothing happens and the task remains queued.

Could this be an issue with the tentacle on my target or is this an issue with cloud-hosted instance of Octopus Deploy?

Screenshot for the connectivity of my target:

No raw log output is being shown for a task (after it had been queued for 15 minutes):

Tasks that are stuck:

Hi Broth,

Chris here from the Octopus Cloud team.

Do you mind if we log onto your Octopus Cloud server so that we can check it out?

To clarify, I’m using your new cloud-hosted service, Octopus Cloud.

Hey Broth,

I understand that your issue is with your Octopus Cloud server. We can’t log into a customers server unless they give us permission to do so. Do you mind if we log in and check out the issue?

Yes, that would be fine.

Fantastic. Sorry, I should have asked this earlier, but what is the URL of your Octopus Cloud server?

Seems to be resolved now! Thank you!

Glad to hear that! We didn’t find anything out of the ordinary on your Octopus Cloud server but we did upgrade it the other week (to fix that known React issue you raised) which must have fixed it for you. Do let us know if this issues happens again :).